Trillium Diagnostics

Trillium Diagnostics has closed down in the first half of 2016. IQ Products will continue the manufacturing and sales of part of Trillium’s portfolio. The monoclonal antibodies CD64, clones 22 and 32.2, the anti-pan-Hb and anti-HbF are still available through IQ Products. We have also obtained the rights to the FMH QuikQuantTM and will continue with the Macro163TM in cooperation with the University of Arhus, Denmark.

R&D Systems, a subsidiary of Bio-Techne, has obtained the rights to manufacture and sell FETALtrolTM. This product is also still available through IQ Products and it’s distributors.

Regretfully the Leuko64TM kit has been discontinued. Just like several of the antibody conjugates, but for most of them, for instance CD15, CD33 and anti-MPO, alternative clones can be obtained from us.


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