Polyomavirus Antibody

Detection of polyomavirus infection?

Use our specific monoclonal antibody for immunohistochemistry
For the detection of polyomavirus infection, immunohistochemistry analysis of tissue slides is one of the preferred methods. IQ Products now launches a new monoclonal antibody that is very suitable for analysis of paraffin embedded sections of JC infected brain or BK infected kidney.

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Product code: IQP-562P

This murine monoclonal antibody against polyomavirus is raised against the VP1 protein of the polyomavirus family. It is intended for the detection of BK polyomavirus in human kidney tissue or JC polyomavirus in human brain tissue using immunohistochemistry. The monoclonal antibody against polyomavirus assay is compatible with standard immunohistochemistry protocols for paraffin embedded tissue.

Picture by courtesy of Dr. M. van Dijk, Department of Pathology, UMCG, Groningen, The Netherlands

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