OEM manufacturing

Monoclonal Antibodies

IQ Products is a manufacturer of high quality, ready-to-use antibodies and antibody combinations for the detection of Human Leukocyte Antigens, Human MHC Antigens, Human Cytokines, Human Fetal Erythrocytes, Apoptosis, T cell responses and infectious diseases.

Our in-house production facility enables us to provide products in multi-gram quantities in formats that are ready to integrate into your production or analytical processes.

Custom Antibody Production

Are you looking for an established company that can produce your high-quality antibodies? IQ Products is the right partner for you. At IQ Products we make use of a range of cell culture techniques to provide you with the most cost effective option for your project. We can offer static flask, spinner flask and hollow fiber bioreactor cultures to meet your needs from 10 mg to 10 g.

High quality and reliability

We understand the importance of very constistent product quality. Thanks to our ISO 13485:2016 certified quality system, IQ Products offers you lot-to-lot consistency and batch-tested certification. Together with our fully traceable procedures and products, you will be able to meet your customers’ demands at the highest level.

Protocol intergration

When needed we offer the possibility to integrate specific wishes or requests into our system to assure full compatibility with your quality system and assurance of traceability. Quality Control protocols can be integrated into the system as well.

Custom Antibody Modification

IQ Products offers a range of options for the downstream processing and purification of antibodies. Our purification processes have been developed to maximize the yield, purity, and immunoreactivity of your antibodies.


Purification of antibodies by a choice of protein L, G, or A, ion exchange or size exclusion chromatography.


We offer you an extensive range of markers for conjugation: HRP, biotin, alkaline phosphatise, horseradish peroxidise, FITC, R-PE, PerCP and APC, but also tandems like R-PE-Cy5 and PerCP-Cy5.5.

IQ Products is known for its flexibility in conjugation possibilities. We offer you conjugation of a volume as little as 1 mg of antibody up to large-scale single batches and the purification of the conjugates when necessary.


In order to prolong the shelf-life and improve temperature stability of antibodies –especially those conjugated with R-PE and APC– we can lyophilize antibodies on request.


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