Detection of inflammation and bacterial sepsis

Soluble CD163 ELISA assay for measuring Macrophage and Monocyte Activation

Unique features

  • Analyse Macro163 levels in serum and plasma
  • Complete ELISA kit
  • Based on the two most published soluble CD163 ELISA protocols
  • Assay completed within 4 hours
  • Use of fully characterized recombinant CD163 protein as standard
  • Standardized and quantitative
  • Only 2 uL of sample is needed
  • Pre-coated ELISA plates


  • Detection and monitoring of macrophage activation syndromes
  • Detection of myeloproliferative diseases and hemophagocytic syndrome
  • Risk-marker in low-grade inflammatory states
  • Prognostic marker in sepsis and liver-disease
  • Monitoring of sepsis combined with leukocyte CD163 and CD64 expression
  • Association with post-infectious recovery phase and declining inflammation


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CD163 is a membrane protein and member of the group B Scavenger Receptor Cysteine-Rich super family specifically expressed on peripheral blood monocytes and macrophages. A particularly high expression is seen in macrophages of the ‘alternative activation’ phenotype playing a major role in dampening the inflammatory response and in scavenging components of damaged cells.
CD163 functions as the receptor for Haptoglobin-hemoglobin complexes, and furthermore CD163 is involved in the regulation of inflammation.

Macrophages play a central role in the host response to infection and tissue damage, and are furthermore important in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Measurement of sCD163 may be a valuable marker in diseases with macrophage and/or monocyte involvement, such as macrophage activation syndromes (e.g. hemophagocytic syndrome), infections, liver disease, auto-immune disease, atherosclerosis and cancer. Additionally, CD163 positive macrophages constitute a mayor cell subpopulation in human term placenta suggesting a role for the placenta functioning as an active immunosuppressive biological barrier between mother and fetus.

Principle of Macro163™

The assay is based on the principle of the sandwich ELISA. A polyclonal antibody recognizing CD163 is immobilized on the surface of a microtiterplate.

After incubation with the sample or recombinant CD163 standard a second biotinylated monoclonal antibody recognizing CD163 is added. Detection of the latter is done by adding streptavidin-HRP. Using TMB (3, 3’, 5, 5’-tetramethylbenzidine) as substrate for the enzyme HRP, the amount of sCD163 protein can be quantified.

Intended use

  • This Macro163™ kit is intended for the quantification of soluble CD163 (sCD163) in serum or plasma samples.
  • The Macro163™ assay has been validated for serum and plasma measurements but can also be applied to other biological fluids like synovial fluid, ascites fluid, pleural fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and cell-supernatants.
  • Designed for research purposes only.

Research applications

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